About Richard Alan Reid


My acting credits include CRIMINAL, WOMAN IN GOLD, TULIP FEVER, WILLIAM & KATE, THE CON IS ON, BATTLE DRONE, ALWAYS WOODSTOCK, AUSTENLAND, NCIS, LOVE WEDDING MARRIAGE and FRAT PACK. I've performed stand up comedy at many venues, including The Laugh Factory in Vegas and The Comedy Store in LA.


I'm the ECD of BuzzFeed, heading up creative content, video production and operations across international markets. I've also written and directed quite a few campaigns for major brands including GEICO, Citibank, Amazon, BMW, British Airways, Sky, 20th Century Fox, Nestle and Google. In 2017 I EP'd and hosted the BuzzFeed series Worth It - UK. I also lead BuzzFeed's Travel and Experience brand; "Bring Me!"


I've written, directed and produced various films, scripted series and reality TV shows and been lucky enough to win some awards along the way. I served as EVP, Development of Sunrise Films (FATHER OF INVENTION, THE WHISTLEBLOWER) and Vice President of KJam Media (LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, LORD OF WAR)
"a hugely talented character actor, very funny and memorably charismatic"
– UK National Newspaper

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